Keratin Complex

Keratin Complex


Keratin Complex is the leading professional hair smoothing system in the world. 
Their treatments and styling products pave the way to forever changing the beauty industry through innovation and results. Salon Service Group offers the complete line of Keratin Complex as well as extensive training and
certification programs to encourage profits, repeat business and salon loyalty for salon professionals.

    Keratin Complex Distribution Area
    Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota
    & parts of Illinois, Indiana

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Keratin Blowout as A Stylesetter


Spray some sugar on me...

We're sweet on Keratin Complex Sweet Definition Sugar Mist! A sweet sister to the pivotal product salt spray, sugar spray offers coveted beach-waves. Using sugar cane, plankton, sea kelp and algae, Sweet Definition Texturizing Sugar Mist moisturizes hair and delivers healthy-looking, glossy and effortless waves.


VITALSHOT Restorative Keratin Ampoules


While competitors attempt to strengthen hair by building a temporary bandaid between keratin molecules, over time the layers crack and weaken, preventing treatments and color from penetrating the hair and being fully effective. Vitalshots offer revolutionary technology to strengthen hair from the inside out, maintaining pH and forming new disulfide bonds without putting a permanent coating on the hair.


One formula, four unique services:

  • Radiant Color—mix 1 Vitalshot ampoule into your color formulation to strengthen and increase vibrancy
  • Brightest Blonde—mix 1 Vitalshot ampoule into your lightening formulation to protect and rebuild while lightening
  • Reparative Remedy—use 1-2 Vitalshot ampoules to instantly boost keratin and add strength
  • Masque Maximizer—mix 1 Vitalshot ampoule with any masque to customize a restoring remedy.


Offer an add-on service for $20 - $35—the perfect price point for any client!
Upsell Vitalshots as an add-on service to just 4 clients per week, and at a cost to you of $3.20 per service, you will make an extra $67-$127 gross profit per week! That is $3,494-$6,614 annually just from adding a simple add-on treatment. Imagine what selling the treatment to 10 clients per week could do! (Hint: $8,736 - $16,536 per year)

Add a VitalShot to your It's A Blonde Thing Lightening System for softer, brighter, more healthy blonding!

Download the Vitalshot Menu of services HERE.

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