Alfaparf Milano

Alfaparf Milano


Inspired by the creativity of Milan the capital of fashion and design, Alfaparf Milano stands out with its Italian style and refined perfection. Couture inspiration and innovation are the foundation of this fashion-based color line. Alfaparf Milano features radiant color in 123 shades with a focus on natural, Italian fashion, highlifting shades, boosters and intensifiers.

If you want to create stunning color, Alfaparf Milano can help you reach new levels of creativity and inspiration not only with outstanding color, but with education that inspires creativity and innovation.

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    Alfaparf Milano Distribution Area
    MO, OK, KS, AR, TN, KY, IA, NE, WI, MN
    & parts of IL, IN


The New Semi Di Lino lines by Alfaparf Milano

Semi Di Lino Volume: For thin and flat hair

  • Magnifying Shampoo
    Volumizing shampoo that creates support at the roots and inside the hair shaft for volume and shine.
  • Magnifying Conditioner
    Conditioning treatment that detangles without leaving the hair lank while delivering volume and long-alsting shine for soft hair with great body.
  • Magnifying Eco-Mousse
    Leave-in product with extremely light texture that guarantees support without leaving the hair lank.

Semi Di Lino Discipline: For rebel hair

  • Frizz Control Shampoo
    An incredibly milky texture controls and softens the hair while visibly improving the hair's manageability.
  • Frizz Control Butter Mask
    Anti-dryness treatment that guarantees softness and controls the structure of hard-to-manage hair.
  • Frizz Control Smoothing Cream
    Leave-in cream with long-lasting anti-frizz action.
  • Frizz Control Curly Hair Mousse
    Leave-in mousse specific for curly hair that redesigns its contours to remove frizz
  • Humidity Block Spray
    Protects the hair even in the most extreme humid conditions by creating a protective "umbrella effect."


3 innovative techniques. 3 new blends to extend your shade range.

Essenza Transformation

1st of 3 techniques for 2014
Ideal for giving personality to long or medium cuts and straight or wavy hair.

Imagine a lightnight bold striking a sandy beach. The sand is instantaneously melted and cooled, transforming into glass. The Essenza technique gives you that power of transformation with merging color and subtle blending.

These two innovative blens reinterpret classic golden shades in a contemporary key, thanks to a combination of copper and violet highlights.

    8.4 Light Copper Blonde + 10.21 Extra Light Violet Ash Blonde
    6.4 Dark Copper Blonde + 7.21 Medium Violet Ash Blonde


Estasi Transparency

2nd of 3 techniques for 2014
Ideal for enhancing cool blonde with warm overtones for fashion-addicted guests

Like looking through glass, the Estasi technique creates a transparent style for your blonde guests. It allows you to show beautiful blonde underneath a pastel Rose Petal Pink, giving them a fashion-forward style.

The brand new pastel shade, Rose Petal Pink, is extremely elegant and versatile with an innovative and vintage touch.

    6.5 Dark Mahogany Blonde + 000SSS Lifting Reinforcer



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