Alfaparf Milano

Alfaparf Milano


Inspired by the creativity of Milan the capital of fashion and design, Alfaparf Milano stands out with its Italian style and refined perfection. Couture inspiration and innovation are the foundation of this fashion-based color line. Alfaparf Milano features radiant color in 123 shades with a focus on natural, Italian fashion, highlifting shades, boosters and intensifiers.

If you want to create stunning color, Alfaparf Milano can help you reach new levels of creativity and inspiration not only with outstanding color, but with education that inspires creativity and innovation.

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    Alfaparf Milano Distribution Area
    MO, OK, KS, AR, TN, TX, KY, IA, NE, WI, MN
    & parts of IL, IN
e commercial looks using geometric and floral patterns.

The PATTHAIRN collection includes 3 commercial looks using geometric and floral patterns. These simple color techniques use different shades without blending to create a look that is both minimalistic and bold.

3 commercial looks using geometric and floral patterns.

A unique contrast between the base color and the triangular sections, enriching the cut shape with a play of hidden colors to create an unexpected sensation of volume.

    • Clients loyal to long hair
    • Creating a highly dense effect
    • Straight and/or slightly wavy hair
    • 7.35 Medium Golden Mahogany Blonde
    • 4NB medium Warm Natural Brown

3 commercial looks using geometric and floral patterns.

This technique joins a solid circular section with soft petals creating a look for those clients who do not want to go unnoticed.

    • Clients loyal to short hair
    • Creating an intense look with soft edges
    • Bold and attention grabbing fashion forward look
    • 8.4 Light Copper Blonde
    • 6.66I Dark Intense Red Blonde



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